It was announced in the Autumn budget report that the statutory residence test, due to come into effect in April 2012, has been delayed until April 2013.
When it is implemented the test will provide taxpayers with a greater degree of certainty regarding their tax residence status.
However even though it has not yet been implemented it is still worth bearing in mind. Particularly as the number of days an individual is present in the UK in prior years will determine the relevant criteria under the statutory residence test.
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HMRC have taken the Football League to the High Court in an attempt to revoke the football industry debt rule. The Premier League are not challenged but are interested in proceedings.
Under these rules, which are implemented by the Football League and Premier League, clubs which become insolvent will pay off their debts to football related creditors in priority to other creditors – including HMRC.
HMRC are to argue that such a rule was invented by the Football League and therefore has no sound basis in law and that the rules as they stand have led to losses to the taxpayer.
The Football League will argue that the rule is in the best interests of the sport and that failure to pay transfers fees would jeopardise the integrity of the sport.  In addition they claim that the rules prevent disruption to fixtures which could otherwise arise as a result of insolvency.