Top Tax Tips for Owner Managed Businesses
4. Employer Supported Childcare
Up to £55 per week may be provided free of tax and NICs to employees through childcare vouchers which may be used to cover the cost of childcare such as registered child minders, nurseries and play schemes.
In the case of husband and wife companies, the couple may between them extract up to £5,720 pa tax free from the company with the expenditure qualifying for a corporation tax deduction for the company.
Care needs to be taken because for individuals joining the scheme after 5 April 2011, tax relief for high rate and additional rate taxpayers is capped at that which would be due to a basic rate taxpayer.

Top Tax Tips for Owner Managed Businesses
3. R&D tax relief
For small and medium size companies, relief is available for qualifying costs incurred on Research and Development (R&D) at 200%, (increasing to 225% from 1 April 2012).
This means that for every £100 spent on qualifying expenditure the company should receive a deduction for corporation tax purposes of £200.
For loss making companies a tax credit/refund is available to give a cash flow advantage.
When making a claim for R&D tax relief, it is important to ensure that the activities qualify as Research and Development.
This is the subjective area of making an R&D credit claim and our policy is to draft a document as part of our claim which supports the activity as R&D.  It may be possible for us to prepare a claim with a contingent element for fees.