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Eaves and Co. can help by giving advice on HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) powers and procedures; penalties and compliance and negotiating settlements.

Tax Enquiries and Investigations

Our experience covers a wide range of investigations into both business and individuals, including those involving potential allegations of serious fraud and Proceeds of Crime Act implications.

More commonly, HMRC will adopt a civil settlement approach, where our experience in preparing relevant disclosure reports and negotiating settlements can help the client settle the problem areas in as efficient and cost effective manner as possible.

Serious investigations such as COP9 can be traumatic for clients, exerting significant pressure on both business and family life.  Having experienced advisors is an essential part of the objective of reaching a satisfactory settlement with as little drama as possible.

Technical Enquiries cover another aspect of possible dispute with HMRC.  They give the ideal opportunity to deal with potentially grey areas in the legislation and ensures the client is looked after.


                  "I'm glad HM Revenue and Customs decided not to reprimand me on

                  the disclosure point and at least this brings closure to the whole affair! 

                  Thank you for all your help, it is much appreciated"

                                                                                                        Mr H