ESC A19 – New Clients



We are pleased to mention that we have engaged with another individual to assist them with a claim for ESC A19.
If you have received a bill from HMRC for past years PAYE and feel agrieved then please email or call us for a no obligation initial conversation on 0113 2443502.
Eaves & Co’s approach is to robustly represent our clients if we feel a case can be made in order to achieve success.
Our experience is that HMRC are doing as promised by not asking for tax prior to 6 April 2007.  However,  whether annual P14s are classed a “relevant information” could be key in the absence of P46s or correspondence for tax coding purposes.
We are pleased to announced that our first ESC A19 success came through in July 2011, saving our client over £5,000 in tax.