Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF) – Eaves & Co Success



Eaves & Co are proud to announce that HM Revenue & Customs have agreed our offer for settlement under the LDF for our first client project under the facility.
The offer was made using the marginal rate of tax route and was agreed by HMRC with only some minor amendments required.  We are pleased to report that HMRC did not raise any in-depth questions into our client’s tax affairs as a result of the disclosure.
The smooth passage of the LDF process in this case is largely down to the hard and detailed work put in by our professional team in preparing the calculations in a robust and timely manner.  This is an exceptional result, especially given the complexity of the client’s offshore banking and investment affairs.
We are now working hard on our 2nd and 3rd client projects, with the objective being a similar successful outcome for their Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility disclosures.